Quilt It as You Go

5 Different Ways to Quilt as You Piece

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Quilt It as You Go

Demonstrating how to conquer the quilting process one block at a time, this quilting companion offers readers five new techniques that they can incorporate into their day-to-day quilting. Eleven patterns from multiple designers are featured, offering readers a diverse selection of projects that they can tackle as they learn to build a quilt one piece at a time.

Table des matières

Table des matières
Front Cover 1
Introduction 3
Table of Contents 3
Code of Love Bed Runner 4
Crazy Blocks Quilt 10
Baby A-Go-Go 14
Charming Puffy Crib Quilt 19
Ready, Set, Go Bag 24
Dine O Mite 27
Fresh Fruit Table Topper 33
Paint Box Squares 36
Stained Glass Zigzag 41
Strippy Table Set 46
Special Thanks 49
Project Gallery 49
Copyright 49
Templates 50
Back Cover 57