Operating a Motorcycle
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Riding a motorcycle can be a source of great enjoyment and offer you a sensation of pure freedom. But with freedom comes responsibilities, for your own safety and for that of others. To make the most of your motorcycling experience, always remember that you are sharing the road with many other drivers. Your knowledge, your skills and, above all, your behaviour play a vital role in your safety.

This guide is intended for anyone who wants to learn to operate a motorcycle. It presents the concepts you must assimilate in order to become a safe, cooperative and responsible motorcyclist.

This guide can also serve as a useful reference for experienced motorcyclists. It offers a wealth of supplementary information to help you refresh your knowledge, as well as tools you can use to evaluate yourself as a motorcyclist and improve your driving habits.

This revised edition provides additional explanations and information, while rendering certain concepts more accessible.

Table des matières

Table des matières
Operating a Motorcycle 1
Table of contents 7
Updating the Training Program and the Operating a Motorcycle Guide 13
Road Safety Record 13
Motorcycle Committee 13
Points to Consider Before Learning to Operate a Motorcycle 14
The Process of Obtaining a Licence to Operate a Motorcycle 16
The Principal Steps in Obtaining a Licence to Operate a Motorcycle 17
Types of Training 18
Contents of the training 20
GDE Model 20
Contents of the Training and the Guide 21
How to Use This Guide 24
Chapter 1 - Handling a Motorcycle 25
Special Context of Operating a Motorcycle 27
Laws of Physics 30
How a Motorcycle Works 34
Basic Operations 45
Driving Techniques 49
Manoeuvres 62
Reacting in Special Situations 81
Chapter 2 - Handling a Motorcycle on the Road 95
Driving Techniques to Prevent Risks 97
Manoeuvres on the Road 114
Other Road Users 127
Avoiding the Pitfalls of the Road 131
Chapter 3 - Acting Safely, Cooperatively and Responsibly 137
Acting Safely, Cooperatively and Responsibly 139
Risks Related to the Driver 140
Risks Related to Driving Conditions 148
Risks Related to the Vehicle Used 157
Planning Your Trips… Strategically! 161
What Type of Motorcyclist Do You Want to Become? 168
Exercises 177
Chapter 1: Handling a Motorcycle 178
Chapter 2: Handling a Motorcycle on the Road 188
Chapter 3: Acting Safely, Cooperatively and Responsibly 195
Formative Evaluation: Closed-Track Practical Training 202
Formative Evaluation: On-Road Practical Training 204
Toolbox 207
Choosing Your Motorcycle 208
Your Budget 210
Buyer’s Guide: First Motorcycle 211
At the Beginning of the Season 216
During the Season 240
End of the Season (storage) 258
Notes 261