Driving a Heavy Vehicle
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Driving a Heavy Vehicle is a compendium of the principal standards, guidelines and rules of conduct concerning:

- the responsibilities, rights and obligations of heavy vehicle drivers;
- factors that affect driving;
- traffic rules;
- special driving techniques specific to each type of heavy vehicle;
- the rules that apply to each type of transportation (passengers or goods);
- special equipment and the configuration of heavy vehicles;
- coupling and decoupling techniques;
- the rules regarding hours of driving and off-duty time;
- obligations concerning circle checks of vehicles.

This guide is an essential tool to help you prepare for the tests you must take in order to obtain a Class 1, 2 or 3 driver’s licence.

Other documents may also be useful to help you assimilate the knowledge you need. For more information, visit the website of the Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec (www.saaq.gouv.qc.ca).

Table des matières

Table des matières
Driving a Heavy Vehicle 1
Driving a Heavy Vehicle 3
Introduction 7
Chapter 1 - The driver’s responsibilities 23
Chapter 2 - Factors that influence driving 45
Chapter 3 - Know your vehicle 69
Chapter 4 - Pneumatic (air) break systems 91
Chapter 5 - Driving know-how and road safety 121
Chapter 6 - Coping with dangerous situations 163
Chapter 7 - Transportation of passangers 181
Chapter 8 - Trucking 193
Chapter 9 - Hitching, unhitching and driving a double road train 243
Chapter 10 - Driving a longer combination vehicle (LCV) 277
Chapter 11 - Driving and off-duty time for heavy vehicle drivers 291
Chapter 12 - Circle check of a vehicle 347
Notes 496