Operating a Moped or Scooter
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This publication covers different aspects of moped (and motorized scooter of 50 cc and less) operating tasks, with information presented so users can progress at their own speed. Topics range from basic control tasks, observation, positioning on the road, keeping a safe distance, and road traction to crossing intersections. Each section has a list of objectives to be reached in this home study program.

Prospective moped or scooter operators must take their answer sheet, found in the middle, to the Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec service centre when going for their licence test.

In addition to this publication, the Driver’s Handbook will prove essential in learning about moped or scooter operation, road signs and traffic signals and the rules of the road.

Operating a Moped or Scooter is indispensable in preparing for the SAAQ licence test.

Table des matières

Table des matières
Operating a Moped or Scooter 1
Introduction - Operating a Moped or Scooter 7
Section 1 - Pre-ride Operations 12
Section 2 - Basic Control Tasks 15
Section 3 - Signaling 22
Section 4 - Observation 26
Section 5 - Road Usage 33
Section 6 - Keeping a Safe Distance 39
Section 7 - Traction 43
Section 8 - Intersections 46
Section 9 - Exercises 55