Guide to Creative Montreal
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The Guide to Creative Montréal offers ten self-guided tours through Montréal’s buzzing arts scene to help you discover the city’s vigorous creative side. These carefully crafted itineraries help you see the city on foot, discovering or rediscovering neighbourhoods and public spaces where art expresses itself in all its forms. You’ll enjoy events, visit galleries and concert halls, meet artists, and make all kinds of unexpected discoveries. Digital arts, visual arts, performing arts, music, and design are all on offer in each tour.

Going beyond downtown and the best-known attractions and events, the guide makes plenty of room for hidden treasures, those multidisciplinary artists and creators who give today’s art world its innovation and vitality, and for caches of creativity in neighbourhoods off the beaten track.

The guide also points out major public artworks, impressive murals and startling graffiti projects. It will also give you an authentic taste of Montréal, with unmissable opportunities to enjoy the city’s joie de vivre, and listings of the art scene’s favourite cafés, restaurants, and bars, where you can rub shoulders with Montréal’s culture creators.

The Guide to Creative Montréal is lavishly illustrated with beautiful photos offering a unique, offbeat view of the city. These turn it into both a practical guide to use and a handsome album to show off and enjoy, a delight for novices and cognoscenti alike. Whether you’re diving into the Montréal art world for the first time or want to branch out and fall in love all over again, it’s full of places to discover and chance encounters with Montréal’s intense cultural beat.

Table des matières

Table des matières
Guide to Creative Montreal 1
Contents 5
Mile End, Outremont, Little Italy 11
Plateau-Mont-Royal 33
Milton-Parc, McGill Ghetto, Mount Royal 61
Quartier des Spectacles, East End of Downtown 77
Quartier Concordia, West End of Downtown 101
Sud-Ouest, Lachine 115
Quartier International, Old Montréal, the Islands 129
Quartier Latin, the Faubourgs, HoMa 157
Côte-des-Neiges, Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, Saint-Laurent 183
Petite-Patrie, Rosemont, Saint-Michel, Villeray 197
Calendar of Festivals and Events 212
Index 224